Mad Men Inspiration for New Website

One of the mood boards created during the early design process.

Even though it’s been years since the fab series Mad Men ended, I’m still so drawn to the styling of that show and the era it portrayed so well. As I’m writing this, another film set comes to mind… hmmm, I can’t quite remember. Oh yes! It’s John Cleese’s home in the 2008¬†film The Day the Earth Stood Still. Loved that room!

Mid Century Decor

I wanted to do something¬†different. Different for me, that is…

So, with Don Draper & Co firmly in mind, I continued my research and happened upon an artist named Alexander Calder, whose work really captured the moment. His work inspired me to use basic shapes and I really like the outcome. It’s different!


New Website Launched!

Welcome to DWD, Deborah Wilson Designs. I’m a freelance graphic/web designer and digital artist based near Penzance in Cornwall, UK.

I’ve just launched a new website showcasing examples of my work. I enjoy working with micro businesses (crafters, stallholders, shop owners), as this is where I began my journey to my present career.

If you need help defining your brand, need a logo or want an originally designed website, please contact me, I’m here to help!